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Pricing Strategy

I will run an extensive report called a CMA or Comparative Market Analysis.  This report is a vital part of determining our pricing strategy.  It will give us all the current homes on the market within your area.   Homes that have recently been sold and the amount of days it was on the market, and price it sold for.   We will also study homes that failed to sale in your market and why the homes did not sale.   I will also run a local economic report on the area to see the current market conditions.  We will determine the desired amount of time you would like to give your home to sale.  These are all important conditions we will need to review and study to obtain the perfect pricing strategy.

Positioning Your Home to Sale

When the asking price of a property exceeds fair market value, the pool of potential buyers decreases dramatically.  Pricing your property at the correct market value from the start will generate the most activity from the real estate agents and home buyers.  The price must attract enough attention to result in showings and offers.  Studies have shown:

  • There is a 95% chance of sale if a home is priced at market value
  • There is a 50% chance of sale if priced at 5% over market value
  • There is a 30% chance of sale if priced at 10% over market value
  • There is a 20% chance of sale if priced at 15% over market value.

We will want to price your home aggressively to attract more buyers and increase the odds of selling your home faster.

Setting an initial price that results in few showings and no offers require price repositioning.

Marketing Your Home

I will offer you one of the most powerful and comprehensive marketing programs in the real estate industry for getting your home sold. My marketing plan utilizes a combination of traditional and cutting-edge resources and tools to help your home receive the exposure it needs to reach today’s home buyers.

My Marketing Resources Go to Work For You

• National Brand Advertising
• Digital Web Marketing
• Online Advertising
• MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
• Print Advertising
• Property Flyers and Postcards
• Yard Signs
• Social Media

Today, 92% of all home buyers begin searching for properties online *via websites and mobile apps. Your home will be advertised where the buyers are, and that is online. I will use a strategic digital marketing plan designed to provide powerful exposure for your home and help capture the attention of online buyers.

The Industry’s Most Powerful Web Presence

Your home will be found on 725+ Websites, reaching 16 Million Potential Buyers Worldwide. My online strategy includes displaying your home with a detailed description and multiple photos on the most dominant real estate websites.

Connecting Social Media to Today’s Home Buyers

I will use all of today’s most popular social media tools designed to engage, and connect with today’s home buyers and drive those leads directly to my website, further exposing your property. We run custom Facebook ads to promote your home as well as open houses that we will stage. It is not uncommon for us to have 15-20 families come through an open house because of our marketing strategies.

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